Are You on Automatic or Are You Exceptional?

95% of what we do is habitual.
When we operate by habit, we miss opportunities to be more innovative, drive results and develop more leaders.  Instead, we are average performers.
40% of companies say they need leaders.
Are you ready when opportunity knocks? Do you want to learn a few things that you can do to move from average to exceptional?
Do you want to improve your influence?
Would you like to learn some "micro-initiatves" that can have a "macro-impact" on your influence and effectiveness?

Learn the Shortcuts to Top Performance.

Find out why being smart and technical is not enough to be on top... and what is!
What are the 7 most common errors that can derail you and your team?
Learn the top 4 things your team wants from you.
Get leadership tools for practical daily practice.
Why should you listen to me?
Hi, I’m Dr. Relly Nadler. I've coached and worked with countless CEOs, executives, managers and their teams for over 25 years at companies including DreamWorks Animation, Anheuser-Busch, Vanguard Health, Hilton and more. As a licensed psychologist, master certified coach (MCC) and author of the book Leading with Emotional Intelligence, I’ve developed numerous insights, strategies and shortcuts to achieving top performance.  Plus, I've interviewed over 250 leadership gurus, authors and neuroscientists on my Leadership Development News radio show co-hosted with Dr. Cathy Greenberg for our 95,000 listeners.
I want you to have, for free, some of the shortcuts and practical tools I have developed and collected that, before now, only my executive coaching clients got.  They pay from $20,000 to $30,000 for coaching and keynotes.  Here's a comment from one with more comments in the right-hand sidebar.


"Of all that we covered, I want to reiterate what a profound impact the Emotional Audit strategy has had on my actions. With all that is going on in the world, everyone is expected to more, better and faster than ever.  People are working at Internet speeds now, and not taking the time to step back and analyze or consider their actions and responses..."
Mark F. Solomon, Director Global Channel Sales,
We just brought this video series back after having them only available for paying customers.  It's time for you to take advantage now so you don't miss them again.  There's a small window of time.
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